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Analytics and artificial intelligence

More advanced analytics and the use of prediction using artificial intelligence or machine learning are a very closely connected association with marketing analytics. It is equally possible to make the management of patients and doctors more efficient, predict and monitor their behaviour and propose recommendations for improving the quality of other processes.


Analytics and artificial intelligence bring a number of advantages:

  • Database of patients and their behaviour, subsequent recommendations and campaigns

  • Medical reports

  • Online orders

  • Patient management

  •  Recommendations for patients and doctors

•    prediction model – based on neural networks (Deep Neural Networks)

◦   the use Python language tools, including Pandas, Numpy, Tensorflow and others.

◦   the use of statistical analysis to classify the client population

◦   take the history of each client into account

◦   make it possible to predict the services they might be interested in

◦   allows you to acquire a set of clients who may be interested in a specific service

•    exploratory analysis – emphasis on visually and numerically tracked regularities in client behaviour, takes into account differences based on statistical indicators.

•    use of logical arguments – a high level of interpretation

•    strongly intuitive prediction model parameters

•    meaningful testing of the sensitivity of a model to parameters

•    classification methods – for thorough testing and comparison of models

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