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Attendance records

Thanks to the DC TELEMED system, you’ll always have an up-to-date overview of the arrival of employees or clients using your services thanks to an assigned identification number or chip.


Records of attendance and participation in individual events, or absences, allow for effective and clear planning of activities. You’ll find all the necessary information for creating statistics and reports for individual needs in one place. Attendance information is visible to recorded members and authorised employees, whose profiles are defined by you.

The attendance record system offers several advantages:


  • an easy user interface

  • exact records

  • proactive client approach

  • a flexible tailor-made solution – you define the registration conditions

  • real-time control – you’ll have a non-stop overview of the presence of all employees in the workplace

  • documents for wages – by connecting to the wage system, you’ll get precision documents for processing wages

  • save time and money – accurate attendance records reduce labour costs

  • embedded devices developed on platforms

  • Raspberry Pi

  • STM32

  • Arduino

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