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Warehousing system

In the DC TELEMED system, you’ll find a warehousing system for error-free registration and warehouse management. Thanks to the storage system, you know exactly where your goods are located, and you won’t waste time searching for and unnecessarily re-entering data into a computer; you’ll always have up-to-date information at hand, and thanks to the QR codes with which each product is marked, you’ll be able to monitor the flow of goods within the warehouse.

Basic principles of warehouse system operation:

The warehousing system brings a whole range of advantages:


  • AWS services:

  • Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancer – routing of requests to individual services

  • EC2 – the virtual machines themselves

  • Application containerization

  • Docker / Docker-Compose

  • Method of communication between system components

  • REST – custom REST solution using the JSON data format

  • Graph database

  • ArangoDB – database solution

  • the warehouse system brings records of warehoused items and management of work operations linked with warehouse management

  • thanks to this system, you’ll have instant access to the stock status and the number of orders and reservations

  • support for tracking batches and serial numbers and the possibility for storing documentation and certificates in the form of attachments

  • rapid display of documents and movements directly from the stock card

  • work with QR codes for rapid searching, entering items and tracking the flow of goods

  • an unlimited number of storage units

  • management of an unlimited number of warehouses – work in one warehouse (for example, inventory) does not interfere in the operation of other warehouses

  • ordering goods with information about availability​

  • you will get an overview of stock in real time

  • you optimize warehouse stocks with regard to demand, season, warehouse performance and margins

  • you will limit the number of errors thanks to working with the QR code using readers directly in the warehouse

  • you facilitate the removal of material for production and the stacking of products according to batches and serial numbers

  • simple implementation of the inventory thanks to QR codes

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