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Web interface editing

This DC TELEMED component allows direct modification of the web content displayed to clients on the company's website.

Basic principles of operation:

Modifying a web interface offers a number of benefits:


  • defining conditions for the online ordering of services or purchasing products – accessibility of individual elements for creating online ordering

  • the possibility to create and define terms for the sale of coupons and vouchers via a website that supports online sales

  • modification of a web content, i.e. to change and track website content, user activity and the use of the obtained data for marketing purposes

  • efficiency and flexibility of editing and display conditions

  • defining own conditions for creating sales elements

  • ease of processing requests

  • October CMS – a modern web MVC framework in the PHP language based on Laravel MVC framework. Templates, robust ORM, reliable background tasks such as PDF generation, built-in asset combiner and minifier for CSS and JavaScript assets.

  • Bootstrap & Tailwind CSS – Basic tools for creating and styling responsive web components.

  • JavaScript – A language providing a significant part of the functionality of every web project with an enormous number of librarys

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