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API server

The API server is a central element within the DC TELEMED system. It is used for communication between individual components and also enables the integration of new components.

Basic principles of operation:

  • providing data for all system components

  • secure encrypted communication channel between modules

  • generating analytical reports

  • generating of print forms (medical reports, receipts, etc.)

  • automated sending of marketing SMS and e-mails

  • dynamic real-time information delivery

  • monitoring all system components

  • acquisition and processing of data from third party systems

  • guarantee of integrity when handling data in the database

  • control and distribution of user permissions and their administration

Python – automation scripts, prototyping, server solutions

Django – web framework for server implementation of web applications, rich tools for authorisation, database work and data processing

AWS – infrastructure for web services, AWS services:

◦   EC2 – hosting of websites, servers and databases, including scaling

◦   RDS – database systems

◦   Route53 – management of domains and DNS records, SSL security mechanisms,

◦   Load balancing – automation and web routing of requests to servers

◦   Elastic Beanstalk – management and deployment of web applications

◦   Secrets manager – management of sensitive information, access data and passwords

◦   AWSLambda – automation of periodic processes and simple tasks

◦   Lightsail – VPS for various purposes including website hosting

◦   S3 – secure storage for various file types

GitHub – managing the code versions of individual projects, automating the processes of testing, deploying and updating modules.

WebSocket – communication protocol enabling two-way and asynchronous flow of requests through a single TCP connection

Custom REST – a custom REST solution based on complex serialization and deserialization of JSON data, which can be dynamically modified as needed by client devices without the need for modifications.

MySQL – a centralised database that copies the needs and behaviour of functionalities

◦   use for various types of analysis, comprehensive reports or creation of predictive models

use of third-party APIs

communication using the API services BULKSMS and SENDGRID


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