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Marketing analytics

Data analysis has also found its place in marketing. We can't even imagine marketing without digital marketing, and the digital world is full of data. In marketing analytics, it is necessary to measure the performance of marketing activities and find opportunities for improvement.

Basic principles of marketing analytics function:

  • each change of data on a website is recorded and gives us information about success

  • by integrating the individual channels through which ads are displayed, such as Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram, telecommunication support within marketing analytics creates a record of ads and helps assess the effectiveness of ads with the obtained data

  • the system also enables the creation of promotional posts and their matching through specific flags

  • repeated display of posts from the best performing ads

  • sending advertising SMS messages

  • preparation of documents for assessing the success of individual advertising campaigns

  • inter-connecting of display channels

  • minimising of marketing costs and their effective use

  • understanding customers based on the data obtained

Marketing analytics brings a range of benefits:​

  • integration with the API of the Meta company – tracking the activity of posts, automating processes

  • integration with the services of the mobile operator O2 – efficiency of call centres and reception


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