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Credit programme

This is a special means of payment or similar technical means for storing financial value in electronic form. The key factor of the new program platform is to provide our clients with a clear overview in the use of all services provided and by digitising funds for individual credits to facilitate for clients the complete process, from placing an order to payment itself, thanks to which they will be offered additional benefits packages.
Clients no longer have to pay for every service or product. The client can top up the credit electronic account at any time, quickly and easily, in the amount defined by you.

Basic principles of operation:

The credit program brings a range of benefits:

Vouchers (promotional gift vouchers):

Gift vouchers:


  • he credit program is an electronic account that allows clients to make payments for individual treatments with credits, that they purchase and manage in the client zone,

  • Compensation according to the volume of credits purchased,

  • The program credits can be used for all sectors

  • The electronic wallet can be shared among several users according to the defined conditions

  • The functionalities of the credit system are expanded by new possibilities, such as, for example, registering through this platform for an individual service, the purchase of a product and will also include a prediction of recommended preferences for individual consumers using the credit program.

  • cashless payment with credits bringing comfort to the client

  • possibility of topping up credits at the establishment or from the comfort of your home online

  • expiration of purchased credits according to defined conditions and extending the validity of credits by purchasing additional credits

  • rewarding clients through bonuses instead of constant discounts

  • saving the time of the client and the company using this system

  •  overview of purchased services and products for further processing

  • 100% security thanks to verification and information on account movements for individual users

  • Verification of payments via SMS or QR code

  • After each payment, deduction of the appropriate number of credits with subsequent SMS notification of the status of your electronic credit account with the possibility of checking online in the web interface

  • Creation of required promotional vouchers for a specific product by category

  • Clear selection of offered promotional vouchers

  • The possibility of creating several sub-services within one product

  • Fast and efficient purchase of vouchers online

  • Direct e-mailing of a voucher after entering billing data

  • Creation of gift vouchers (in € or for a specific product)

  • Clear selection of offered categories of gift vouchers

  • The possibility of creating several sub-services within one product

  • Fast and efficient purchase of gift vouchers online

  • Direct e-mailing of a gift voucher after entering billing data

  • AWS services:

  • Route 53

  • Elastic Load Balancer

  • EC2

  • Application containerization

  • Docker / Docker-compose

  • Method of communication between system components

  • REST – custom REST solution using the JSON data format

  • SOAP – protocol based on XML data

  • Graph database

  • ArangoDB – database solution

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