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Application for managment

The DC TELEMED system application, enables complete control of operations at different levels. It has an interface for employees and functionalities for managing the company's processes. Thanks to the individual modules, it enables efficient operation of company branches. These modules can be adapted to the user's needs.

There are currently
4 modules:


1.      The reception module contains a reservation system for creating orders and planning. It also includes the possibility of payment thanks to its own cash register with a link to the central payment evidence system for the country. It also provides the use of own funds for payment, such as credit program and vouchers, but also the possibility of payment in the usual way, by credit card or cash. Reception module also serves as data source for analytics for further use in marketing.

2.      The management module provides a range of tools for maximum efficiency and control. This module allows the use of all elements of the system, as well as dynamic data monitoring. Its interface includes employee shift management, order overview, attendance system, warehousing system, marketing analytics, artificial intelligence, management of provided services and modification of the web interface.

3.      The medical module consists of an order calendar interface, a system for recording diagnostic data and medical reports. It also allows the consumption evidence of goods and materials, thanks to the connection to the warehouse system using QR codes. Thanks to them, it is possible to search for goods in the event of risks in connection with the provided health care.

4.      The warehouse module contains tools for the warehouse department in connection with the purchase and further distribution as well as the registration and final use of goods. It enables tracking of movements of goods and materials between branches, the central warehouse and suppliers.

JavaFx – Client platform for desktop applications in Java. It provides a wide range of dynamic components, graphs, 3D rendering and element styling using CSS. The platform enables the building of high-performance applications, such as:

◦   reception application for ordering clients,

◦   management application for managing individual clinics,

◦   medical application for recording medical treatment records,

◦   various other applications ensuring the smooth running of a company.

Spring Boot & Test – A reliable IoC container to achieve a "loosely coupled" system, supports design patterns. Uniform and clear configuration of components, testing of individual components.

JUnit, TestFx, Mockito and AssertJ – A basic suite of tools designed for automated component tests, integration and end-to-end tests.

OkHttp – Modern communication library also enabling file transfer and WebSockets support.

Gson – A library intended for serialization and deserialization of Java objects into the JSON format and back.

Wacom – A library intended for recording digital signatures of informed consents and other document.

Maven – A tool for compiling projects in a single, clearly defined path with support for custom plugins applicable to local builds or CI/CD processes.

GitHub actions & Artifactory – Fully automated CI/CD build creation process, automated tests, upload to storage and application deployment.

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