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Application for managment - technology

JavaFx – Client platform for desktop applications in Java. It provides a wide range of dynamic components, graphs, 3D rendering and element styling using CSS. The platform enables the building of high-performance applications, such as:

◦   reception application for ordering clients,

◦   management application for managing individual clinics,

◦   medical application for recording medical treatment records,

◦   various other applications ensuring the smooth running of a company.

Spring Boot & Test – A reliable IoC container to achieve a "loosely coupled" system, supports design patterns. Uniform and clear configuration of components, testing of individual components.

JUnit, TestFx, Mockito and AssertJ – A basic suite of tools designed for automated component tests, integration and end-to-end tests.

OkHttp – Modern communication library also enabling file transfer and WebSockets support.

Gson – A library intended for serialization and deserialization of Java objects into the JSON format and back.

Wacom – A library intended for recording digital signatures of informed consents and other document.

Maven – A tool for compiling projects in a single, clearly defined path with support for custom plugins applicable to local builds or CI/CD processes.

GitHub actions & Artifactory – Fully automated CI/CD build creation process, automated tests, upload to storage and application deployment.

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